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Waterfall Towers
2455 Bennett Valley Road
Suite B-208
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Phone: 707-526-2288

You may have logged on to this website because something is not working in your life and you want it better. Or because you want more from life. Congratulations!

Message from Dr. Weser:

What I bring to the therapy process:
I come with my training, my 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, my many more years of life experience, my excellent mind, good heart and my intention to heal.

What you bring to the therapy process:
You come with your problems, your past, perhaps with your anxiety, depression, or guilt. You also come with your strengths, some of which you might not recognize, and upon which we will build.

We will work together. And although we may laugh at times, it will be hard work, facing the issues and working them through. I believe we are equal as humans, just sitting in different chairs. Shall we begin our work together?

California Licenses:
Psychologist #10753; Marriage and Family Therapist #16108

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